Fastening without Fasteners

Forget about welds, bolts or rivets


Solutions using multi-axis cutting technology
  • 2.5D Laser Connections


Simple planar cutting solutions
  • DSC00399 – Copy
    Plate into Rectangular Tube
  • DSC00369 – Copy
    Attaching Housings
  • IMG_5424.jpg
    Attaching Turned Parts

    Attaching Turned Parts Cylinder and Bayonet item 11 and 12 in the shop Similar Solutions 2.5D Project 2.5D/3D Project Example item .. and .. in the shop Similar Solutions 2.5D Project Perpendicular Plates Perpendicular Plates screwdriver release item 15 and 16 in the shop Similar Solutions Perpendicular Plates Plastic Plastic Housing and Spring […]

  • 4n
    Integrated Stiffening
  • tube_on_plate_05
    Round Tube into Plate
  • 34
    Plate into Round Tube
  • plate_on_plate_04
    Elastic Flanges
  • DSC00421 – Copy
    Elastic Latch in Mating Part